Variables asociadas al logro educativo en estudiantes mexicanos de bachillerato: un análisis con modelaje de ecuaciones estructurales

Diana Carolina Treviño Villarreal, Mario Alberto González Medina

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Undoubtedly, there are variables that influence the educational achievement of baccalaureate students, which is why it is a priority to know them closely, this in order to generate strategies that allow a positive impact on the school context. Derived from the above, the present work aims to determine the relationship between the variables Disgust in Decision Making (DTD), Postponement in Decision Making (PTD), Bullying (AE) and Emotional Understanding (CE) with Educational achievement in baccalaureate students. This was a cor-relational, non-experimental study and a quantitative methodology was used. The sample consisted of 117539 students from all states of the Mexican Republic. The mean age and standard deviation were 18.2 years and 1.2 years, respectively; 47.2% women and 52.8% men. Two instruments were used, one of them was the National Plan for the Evaluation of Learning (PLANEA 2017) and the other was a context questionnaire. A theoretical model was developed that included the variables DTD, PTD, AE and CE and relationships from the literature consulted. The technique of structural equation modeling was applied to empirically verify the proposed theoretical model. Among the main manifestations, the relationship between DTD, PTD, AE and CE with Educational achievement stands out. Based on this, it is concluded that there are variables that should be considered when working from the educational environment, since these will bring benefits at the level of achievement.

Título traducido de la contribuciónVariables associated with educational achievement in mexican baccalaureate students: An analysis with structural equation modeling
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PublicaciónPublicaciones de la Facultad de Educacion y Humanidades del Campus de Melilla
EstadoPublished - 30 jun 2020

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