Towards a Supermileage Autonomous Vehicle

Jorge De J. Lozoya Santos*, J. C. Tudon-Martinez

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The project consists on the mechanical and electronic instrumentation of an existing vehicle (built at Universidad de Monterrey for the SAE Supermileage Competition) to be able to control its steering, braking and throttle systems "by wire". Insight to the stages of turning the vehicle into an autonomous one is presented. This includes identification of the current mechanical properties, choosing adequate components and the use of a simulation to allow early work on the software involving cameras and motors to provide autonomy to the vehicle. Using software in the loop methodology mathematical models of the dynamics of the vehicle are run in Simulink and update the position and orientation of the 3D model of the vehicle in V-REP, a robot simulator.

Idioma originalEnglish
PublicaciónSAE Technical Papers
EstadoPublished - 28 mar 2017
EventoSAE World Congress Experience, WCX 2017 - Detroit
Duración: 4 abr 20176 abr 2017

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