The Symbiotic Field 1: natural/artificial mergings in design cases

Roberto Pasini, Antonino Di Raimo, Alessandro Scandurra, Mason White, Besnik Aliaj, Yu Kongjian, José Luis Vallejo, Francois Roche, Perry Kulper

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Today, we face the need to design macro-ecologies on a territorial scale in order to project a possible future for our species. But we are also urged to reinvent micro-ecologies within the city space in order to re-naturalize the scenario of our days. The 'symbiotic field' is the space where natural and artificial systems intersect, producing the multilayer construct of landscape. This book organizes a compared anatomy of design cases recollecting essays and projects by François Roche, Camille Lacadée, new-territories, Antonino Di Raimo, Kongjian Yu, Turenscape, Perry Kulper, José Luis Vallejo, Ecosistema Urbano, Besnik Aliaj, Mason White, Lateral Office, Alessandro Scandurra, SSA. Moving from disparate starting points, this group of internationally renowned contributors cross the body of their work, tracing a bundle of feebler or bolder paths in the novel geography of the expanded field of landscape. The resulting multi-perspectival observation, combining aggregates of artificial and living systems, psychological and physical spaces, and machinic and cultural landscapes, is mounted into an alternative landscape construct of both 'metabolist' and 'territorialist' characters. This book proposes a momentary fathoming of our present relationship to nature.
Idioma originalEnglish
Lugar de publicaciónFirenze
Número de páginas192
ISBN (versión impresa)978-88-7970-733-6
EstadoPublished - 2016

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NombreArchitetture città territorio
EditorEdifir Edizioni Firenze


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