El murmullo de las abejas de Sofía Segovia: Ocio y pasión en la narrativa mexicana del norte

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In the context of northern Mexico, dominated by a discourse that praises work to alienation, The Murmur of Bees (2015) by Sofia Segovia joins the critique of modernity through a demand for leisure and passion. What I am arguing here is that Simonopio, protagonist of the novel, is a sign of leisure - not laziness - since he resorts to amazement, de-proletarization and the definition of an orientation of his world. I take this conceptual framework from Josef Pieper. At the same time, following the concepts of Jorge F. Aguirre Sala, it is a sign of a prudent passion insofar as his acts give an account of a recognition of passion as judgment, as a position of the subject in the world and a symbolic mediation to interpret. This study adds to the resignification, from the mexican narrative of the North, to the discourse of modern and industrial work.

Título traducido de la contribuciónThe murmur of bees by Sofía Segovia: Leisure and passion in the Mexican narrative of the North
Idioma originalSpanish
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PublicaciónRevista de Humanidades
EstadoPublished - 1 jun 2019

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