Symbiotic Matorral: Becoming-Animal and Other Explorations of the Cognitive Landscape

Roberto Pasini, Almo Farina

Producción científica


This book documents an installation in the matorral submontano of the Sierra Madre Oriental of Mexico. The work at merges the traits of an artistic experience with those of a scientific research. The interest in the ecosystem of the matorral, and a possible alternative lifestyle in contact with it, started with a thesis project in architecture at the Universidad de Monterrey. Later, the idea that engaging with the matorral may lead to a different understanding of the contemporary landscape, developed into a funded research project. The installation of a flora-and-fauna route through the ecosystem pursued the double aim of facilitating ecological awareness and implanting a cultural narrative in the landscape.
Idioma originalEnglish
Número de páginas128
ISBN (versión impresa)978-88-6764-161-1
EstadoPublished - 2018


Profundice en los temas de investigación de 'Symbiotic Matorral: Becoming-Animal and Other Explorations of the Cognitive Landscape'. En conjunto forman una huella única.

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