Symbiotic Matorral: A Landscape Installation in the Sierra Madre Oriental of Mexico

Roberto Pasini

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design: Roberto Pasini, Patricio Garza, Andrea Ramos, Fernanda Rosas 

ProjectThe ‘Tests for a Symbiotic Matorral’ project is a light ‘environmental infrastructure’ implemented in the Sierra Madre Oriental of Monterrey, Mexico. It is part of a research that proposes to fathom the relationship of man to nature in contemporary landscapes by combining metabolist (cognitivist) and culturalist (geophilosophical) models into a ‘symbiotic landscape construct’.
InstallationThe project proposes the conversion of an abandoned service road into a floro-faunistic route that crosses through the highly-diverse ecosystem of the matorral submontano thicket and scrubland, transitioning into the high mountain woods. Construed as a spatial transcription, and an in-situ plotting, of the correspondence between Deleuze Guattari’s goephilosophical paradigm of ‘becoming-animal’ and Almo Farina’s paradigm of ‘cognitive landscape’, the environmental infrastructure aims at destabilizing a conventional anthropocentric perspective. The visitor is immersed in a multifocal exploration that merges the synesthetic spheres of the human/animal inhabitants of the highly biodiverse ecosystem. Designed as a landscape installation made up of both cognitivist and geo-philosophical components, the light environmental infrastructure interfaces man with the delicate ecosystems reformulating a novel, more sustainable, and ethic relation.
Raising AwarenessThe Symbiotic Matorral installation is meant to raise awareness of the forgotten richness of the matorral submontano and its exceptional biodiversity among the metropolitan population of Monterrey. The path is specially intended to receive students from the schools of the city spanning from primary to university level.
Creditsresearch project: Roberto Pasini (lead), Patricio Garza, Andrea Ramos, Fernanda Rosas, with Martin Sanchez, Juan Reyna, Jorge Lozoya, et al. / implementation: “Lego” Rodrigo Legorreta (stone works), Jaime Islas (metal works), Jopamec (photogravure on metal plates).
Funds & SupportFondo de Investigación DIECI, Universidad de Monterrey, Parque Ecológico Chipinque.
Idioma originalEnglish
Edicióndocumented in various publications
EstadoPublished - 2018


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