Study of the eHWC J1825-134 Region at Highest Energies with HWAC

HAWC Collaboration

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eHWC J1825-134 is one of the brightest Galactic γ-ray sources above 50 TeV observed by High Altitude Water Cherenkov γ-Ray Observatory (HAWC). Detailed morphological studies have revealed a new point-like source inside this region with a spectral energy distribution extending beyond 200 TeV without any cutoff. These very-high-energy γ rays emission can originate from leptonic or hadronic processes. The new point-like source is located in a region containing PWNe and a high density giant molecular cloud [MML2017]99. If the source emission is associated with the hadronic scenario the TeV γ rays may have been produced by cosmic rays colliding with ambient gas. If this were the case, eHWC J1825-134 is an indicator of the existence of a galactic PeVatron in the region that accelerates particles up to PeV energies.

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PublicaciónProceedings of Science
EstadoPublished - 18 mar 2022
Evento37th International Cosmic Ray Conference, ICRC 2021 - Virtual, Berlin
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