Structure, Properties and Applications of Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Soumyabrata Roy, Xiang Zhang, Anand B. Puthirath, Ashokkumar Meiyazhagan, Sohini Bhattacharyya, Muhammad M. Rahman, Ganguli Babu, Sandhya Susarla, Sreehari K. Saju, Mai Kim Tran, Lucas M. Sassi, M. A.S.R. Saadi, Jiawei Lai, Onur Sahin, Seyed Mohammad Sajadi, Bhuvaneswari Dharmarajan, Devashish Salpekar, Nithya Chakingal, Abhijit Baburaj, Xinting ShuaiAparna Adumbumkulath, Kristen A. Miller, Jessica M. Gayle, Alec Ajnsztajn, Thibeorchews Prasankumar, Vijay Vedhan Jayanthi Harikrishnan, Ved Ojha, Harikishan Kannan, Ali Zein Khater, Zhenwei Zhu, Sathvik Ajay Iyengar, Pedro Alves da Silva Autreto, Eliezer Fernando Oliveira, Guanhui Gao, A. Glen Birdwell, Mahesh R. Neupane, Tony G. Ivanov, Jaime Taha-Tijerina, Ram Manohar Yadav, Sivaram Arepalli, Robert Vajtai, Pulickel M. Ajayan*

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Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) has emerged as a strong candidate for two-dimensional (2D) material owing to its exciting optoelectrical properties combined with mechanical robustness, thermal stability, and chemical inertness. Super-thin h-BN layers have gained significant attention from the scientific community for many applications, including nanoelectronics, photonics, biomedical, anti-corrosion, and catalysis, among others. This review provides a systematic elaboration of the structural, electrical, mechanical, optical, and thermal properties of h-BN followed by a comprehensive account of state-of-the-art synthesis strategies for 2D h-BN, including chemical exfoliation, chemical, and physical vapor deposition, and other methods that have been successfully developed in recent years. It further elaborates a wide variety of processing routes developed for doping, substitution, functionalization, and combination with other materials to form heterostructures. Based on the extraordinary properties and thermal-mechanical-chemical stability of 2D h-BN, various potential applications of these structures are described.

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PublicaciónAdvanced Materials
EstadoPublished - 2 nov 2021

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