Stabilizing high-order delayed systems with minimum-phase zeros using simple controllers

C. D. Vázquez Rosas*, J. F. Márquez Rubio, B. del Muro Cuéllar, D. F. Novella Rodríguez, O. Sename, L. Dugard

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This paper analyses the stabilization and control of delayed processes systems containing minimum phase zeros. The high-order delayed process taken into consideration consists of: one unstable pole and m minimum phase zeros. Suffiient conditions are provided in order to guarantee the existence of a stabilizing basic controllers: Proportional (P), Integral (I) and Derivative (D), i.e., P, PI, PD and PID controllers. The frequency domain approach is used to proof the main results. Additionally an optimal H 8 tuning of the controller is proposed. The adequateness of the obtained results are tested by simulation through the implementation of a continuously stirred-tank reactor model.

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PublicaciónStudies in Informatics and Control
EstadoPublished - 1 ene 2019

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