Solar Magnetograms at 12 μm Using the Celeste Spectrograph

Thomas G. Moran, Donald E. Jennings, L. Drake Deming, George H. McCabe, Pedro V. Sada, Robert J. Boyle

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We present the first solar vector magnetogram constructed from measurements of infra-red Mg I 12.32-μm line spectra. Observations were made at the McMath-Pierce Telescope using the Celeste spectrometer/polarimeter. Zeeman-split Stokes line spectra were fitted with Seares profiles to obtain the magnetic field parameters. Maps of absolute field strength, line-of-sight angle, and azimuth are presented. Analysis shows that the variation in field strength within a spatial resolution element, 2 arcseconds, is greatest in the sunspot penumbra and that this is most likely caused by vertical field strength gradients, rather than horizontal image smearing. Widths of the Zeeman-split σ components, assuming a formation layer thickness of 200 km, indicate that vertical field strength gradients can be as large as 6.5 G/km in a penumbra.
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PublicaciónSolar Physics
EstadoPublished - 1 abr. 2007
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