Social entrepreneurship, alternative or continuity to neoliberalism?

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Social entrepreneurship is visualized as an alternative to respond to the consequences generated by neoliberalism worldwide.The review of the concept,from an axiological and practical perspective by several authors,has shown that social entrepreneurship is an alternative to neoliberalism.This article studies the relationship between social entrepreneurship and neoliberalism regarding the ontological elements that make it up and the schools of thought on which it has implemented.The result shows the paradoxes that present the concept at the ontological level,and how the enterprises of the School of Economics have a higher capacity to generate a rupture with the neoliberal system and ideology; while entrepreneurship under the school of social innovation tends to create a continuity to neoliberalism.
Idioma originalEnglish
Páginas (desde-hasta)43-66
EstadoPublished - 2018

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