Screening Stereo Nostalgia & Telematic Rides Along the Caribbean

Producción científica


Aided by a mobile viewing device, the artist presented locals with stereoscopic images taken by the Virginia based photographer Horace D. Ashton in 1913 for Underwood & Underwood, and asked them about the places shown. The stereoscopic 3D technique seems to bring up strong experiences and memories of the city. Observers try to locate the images in coherent narrations and in the process, unfold different historical layers of the city as well as contemporary environmental and urban planning problems. The path of the video follows the routes marked by the Victorian-era photographic tour, originally produced to show middle class North Americans a picturesque view of Latin America.
Idioma originalEnglish
Lugar de publicaciónBuffalo, NY
Medios del resultadoFilm
TamañoHDV, with sound; 09:48 loop
EstadoPublished - 10 oct 2019
EventoBuffalo International Film Festival - Buffalo, NY, Buffalo, NY
Duración: 10 oct 201913 oct 2019
Número de conferencia: 3


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