PVD pinnakattega detailide kulumine kõrgel temperatuuril võnkuva liikumise korral

Remigiusz Michalczewski, Marek Kalbarczyk, Zbigniew Słomka, Sylwia Sowa, Maciej Łuszcz, Edyta Osuch-Słomka, Demófilo Maldonado-Cortés, Le Liu, Maksim Antonov, Irina Hussainova

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This paper provides an overview on the recent development of coatings and modified surfaces to minimize wear between contact surfaces in high-temperature working environments. The aim of this work was to study the wear of various types of coatings deposited by the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) method on TiB2/Ti composites manufactured by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS). The following coatings were investigated: TiN-TiCrN-AlCrN-AlCrTiN/Si3N4-multilayer, TiN-TiCrN-AlCrN-AlCrTiN/Si3N4-AlCrTiSiN+grad ON, TiN-TiCrN-AlCrN-AlTiCrN and as a reference, a commercially available AlCrN-based coating – all intended to fulfil complex requirements of high-temperature working conditions. The wear tests were performed by means of a ball-on-disc SRV friction and wear tester using reciprocating motion of the Si3N4 ball sliding against a coated disc in a wide range of temperatures from room temperature up to 900 °C. The results confirmed that high-temperature wear resistance depends on the proper design of the coatings.
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PublicaciónProceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences
EstadoPublished - 2021

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