Gasto público en educación frente al comportamiento de los principales agregados económicos en Latinoamérica

Fabio Enrique Gómez Meneses, María Alexandra Zárate Camelo

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Education is one of the main tools used by governments to achieve the growth and development of a country. Consequently, the investments made in this area have a positive impact, in some way, on the behavior of economic variables such as the Gross Domestic Product and the unemployment rate. Unfortunately, this scenario does not always turn out to be the case for several reasons. In this document, the figures of public spending on education in Latin American countries will be analyzed, as opposed to some variables that are indicative of the growth and development of nations; In this way, the existence of a positive or negative relationship can be determined, which establishes the direction and proportion of the effect generated by public investments in education in the countries under study.
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RevistaRevista Finanzas y Politica Economica
Estado de la publicaciónPublished - 17 mar 2011

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