Prevalence of myopia and associated risk factors in medical students in Monterrey

Christian G. Cavazos-Salias, Natalia Montemayor-Saldaña, Lucy Salum-Rodríguez, Juan E. Villarreal-Del Moral, Manuel Garza-Leon*

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Background and objective: Myopia has become a public health problem, so it is important to know the prevalence of myopia in different populations, like in medical students who are considered a risk group. Our objective was to know the prevalence of myopia in medical students of the University of Monterrey, as well as to study the associated risk factors. Methods: A prospective, cross-sectional, and observational study was conducted between October and December 2016. Three hundred medical students were evaluated regarding the presence of refractive errors through auto-kerato/refractome-ter measurement and a questionnaire to analyze the presence of known risk factors for myopia. Results: One hundred eighty-nine students (68.7%) had myopia in one eye, and 149 (54.2%) in both. From the factors evaluated, only two were statistically significant. One was that patients with myopia were older than those without it (21.60 ± 2.27 vs. 20.77 ± 2.61, respectively; p = 0.01), and the second one was a history of the need of visual correction in all siblings (29.1 vs. 17.4% respectively; p = 0.04). Reading time, computer use, exercise time, overweight/obesity, having parents or one sibling who needs visual correction were similar between groups. Conclusions: In this group of medical students, the prevalence of myopia based on refraction without cycloplegia is higher compared to other demographic groups of the Americas, and the only associated risk factors were age and need of visual correction in all siblings.

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EstadoPublished - 1 ene 2019

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