Opinion of the law of protection against exposure to tobacco smoke in adults

Azucena Maribel Rodríguez-González, Ana María Salinas-Martínez, Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo-Omaña, Alma Marroquín-Escamilla, Roberto Montes de Oca-Luna, Denise Garza-Carrillo, Edgar Paolo Rodríguez-Vidales, Consuelo Treviño-Garza, Manuel Enrique de la O-Cavazos

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There are antagonistic positions to the prohibition of smoking in closed spaces. This article aims to evaluate the opinion on the law that regulates the consumption of tobacco in public spaces in Nuevo León, Mexico. Methods: A cross-sectional study, with systematic probability sampling, using a telephone survey, was done with a sample of 1,070. The items of the law were analyzed, based on age, sex, education, and smoking through descriptive statistics, multivariate logistic regression, odds ratios, and confidence intervals. Results: It was realized that 79.3% agreed to prohibit smoking in closed places and 76.8% in terraces, 93.4%, support protecting workers from exposure. In casinos and clubs, the law was mostly not followed; 62.2%, were willing to denounce this negation of the law. Active smoking discouraged the belief in damage to health (OR: 0.2; CI95%: 0.1–0.9) and the prohibition of special areas for smokers (OR: 0.2; 95% CI: 0.1–0.3). Age 25–39 years (31.3%), female (60.4%) and preparatory-or-technical schooling (37.7%) predominated. Conclusions: The opinion favorable to the implementation of the law prevailed. Awareness campaigns are needed to spread the economic and health benefits.
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PublicaciónJournal of Substance Use
EstadoPublished - 2022

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