Occultation of π Arietis by asteroid (828) Lindemannia on November 10 2002

Pedro V. Sada, Richard Nugent, Paul Maley, Rick Frankenberger, Steve Preston, David Dunham, W. Dean Pesnell

Resultados de investigaciones


The occultation of the bright star π Arietis (HIP 13165) by the asteroid (828) Lindemannia was recorded by 10 observers in Texas on November 10, 2002. Clouds hampered many more potential observers. Nine disappearances, ten reappearances, and 2 near misses are reported. A least-squares fit to the data results in a 52.6 km × 50.8 km ellipse with the major axis oriented at a PA of 90.0o. However, deviations from a perfect ellipse were observed.
Idioma originalEnglish
Páginas (de - a)9-12
RevistaOccultation Newsletter, International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA)
Estado de la publicaciónPublished - 1 may 2003

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