Nerve and fibroblast growth factors as modulators of pancreatic beta cell plasticity and insulin secretion.

M. Hiriart, R. Vidaltamayo, M. C. Sánchez-Soto

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Trophic factors such as nerve and fibroblast growth factors are important modulators of beta cell physiology. These two factors induce the extension of neurite-like processes in primary cultures of adult rat beta cells. Moreover, both NGF and FGF enhance glucose-induced insulin secretion. Since beta cells synthesize NGF and pancreatic islet cells produce FGFs, it is possible that autocrine/paracrine interactions may be major regulators of insulin secretion, and impairment of these interactions could lead to pathological states such as diabetes mellitus.
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PublicaciónThe Israel Medical Association journal : IMAJ
EstadoPublished - 1 feb 2001
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