La vista y la escritura. Geocrítica del espacio moderno en el norte mexicano del siglo diecinueve

Paulo Alvarado*

*Autor correspondiente de este trabajo

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The sight and the writing, the sense and the communication medium that Captain James Frederic Elton (1840–1877) privileged in his travel chronicle With the French in Mexico (1867), are in this work described as the support, violent and rational, that served the production of space for a modern Mexican state in the nineteenth century. Two absences justify this study: the scant criticism of the travel chronicles of northern Mexico and the still unknown territory that geocriticism allows us to discover for northern Mexican literature. This geocriticism hopes to be a contribution to the understanding of the identities of this region. This study may be followed by a comparative literature on the production of space, as well as new understandings of the forms related to travel writing, without neglecting studies on modernity, its effects and production mechanisms.

Título traducido de la contribuciónThe sight and the writing. Geocriticism of modern space in the northern Mexico in the nineteenth century
Idioma originalSpanish
Páginas (desde-hasta)431-446
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PublicaciónBulletin of Hispanic Studies
EstadoPublished - 2023

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