Heartprint: Acoustic Tactics to Tune in Within Each Other.

Angélica Yaneth Piedrahita Delgado, Erick Vazquez Camarillo

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Throughout the present year, we have been conducting auscultation practices, which consist on attentive hearing clinics in which we register and archive cardiac rhythms, in order to conduct research on the wide perception of the heart as an organ, as much as a symbol. Throughout the clinic, we gain a close contact with our acoustic subjects. We approach an emotional dimension, by means of an attentive hearing, as well as allowing them to hear their own beating organ. We developed private sessions in which we approach the subjects to the experience of listening their own heart. Meanwhile, they describe their emotional hygiene routines; ways in which they keep healthy emotional balance. Furthermore, we also set up public and open sessions, where families heard their hearts as a group experience. Along these clinical studies we discovered a correlation between the graphic and acoustic representations of the heartbeat and the character of each individual. This heartprints – as we decided to call them – show sound layers particular to each person. Our sensitivity to the heartprints grew stronger, as our hearing became more and more tuned to the murmurs, turbulence and basic sounds of the valves.
The project proposes an acoustic approach to matters of the heart, attempting to fill the insufficiencies of language to correlate the muscular organ functions within affectivity health. By following the cardiac rhythm, we have been registering its frequency, metric and harmony which gives testimony of a sum of singularities revealing an irreducibly animal that embrace a musical existence, therefore an aesthetical being.
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EventoRE:SOUND. MEDIA ART HISTORY MAH 2019 : Sound, Media and Art - theories, Histories, Practices - CREATE CAMPUS, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark, Aalborg
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