Fístula dental intraoral: Reporte de caso

Juan De Dios Garza Gallardo, Alfredo Salinas Noyola, Julio César Salas-Alanís

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Dental fistulae are a common oral pathology that may affect any age group. The fistulae are caused by pulp necrosis associated with dental cavities, periodontal infections, trauma and retained teeth. The root canal treatment is a conservative option that eliminates the source of infection from which fistulae originated, in some cases it is necessary to remove the teeth. Dental pathologies are the most frequent causes of fistulae in mouth, face and neck. Root canal treatment should be the first choice treatment as long as the dental crown can be restored. We report a case with a dental fistula diagnosed clinically and confirmed by X ray. The patient was treated with endodontics.
Idioma originalSpanish
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PublicaciónDermatologia Cosmetica, Medica y Quirurgica
EstadoPublished - 1 abr 2016

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