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This paper presents a study that comes from the idea to use human synaesthesia to think and make multisensorials things. The work was based on the principles of syhaesthesia as sensory phenomenon and considering two kind of manifestation called grapheme-color and phoneme-color. The synaesthetic experiences were mapped developping codes, interfaces and devices, to generate digital data, that through Arduino were transmitted to material objects, and visualized with leds RGB. The synaesthesia, made sharable, tangible and experimentable by everyone, can be conceived as tool to generate complex associations between senses and as a natural source to understand and generate multisensoral things. keywords Mapping; Code; Digital fabrication; Multisensory; Synaesthesia
Idioma originalSpanish
Número de páginas7
EstadoPublished - nov 2016
EventoXX Congreso de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital - Buenos Aires
Duración: 4 nov 2016 → …


ConferenceXX Congreso de la Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital
CiudadBuenos Aires
Período4/11/16 → …

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