Driving cycles based on fuel consumption

José I. Huertas*, Michael Giraldo, Luis F. Quirama, Jenny Díaz

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Type-approval driving cycles currently available, such as the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) and the Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Cycle (WLTC), cannot be used to estimate real fuel consumption nor emissions from vehicles in a region of interest because they do not describe its local driving pattern. We defined a driving cycle (DC) as the time series of speeds that when reproduced by a vehicle, the resulting fuel consumption and emissions are similar to the average fuel consumption and emissions of all vehicles of the same technology driven in that region. We also declared that the driving pattern can be described by a set of characteristic parameters (CPs) such as mean speed, positive kinetic energy and percentage of idling time. Then, we proposed a method to construct those local DC that use fuel consumption as criterion. We hypothesized that by using this criterion, the resulting DC describes, implicitly, the driving pattern in that region. Aiming to demonstrate this hypothesis, we monitored the location, speed, altitude, and fuel consumption of a fleet of 15 vehicles of similar technology, during 8 months of normal operation, in four regions with diverse topography, traveling on roads with diverse level of service. In every region, we considered 1000 instances of samples made of m trips, where m varied from 4 to 40. We found that the CPs of the local driving cycle constructed using the fuel-based method exhibit small relative differences (<15%) with respect to the CPs that describe the driving patterns in that region. This result demonstrates the hypothesis that using the fuel based method the resulting local DC exhibits CPs similar to the CPs that describe the driving pattern of the region under study.

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EstadoPublished - 1 nov 2018

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