Comparison of Three Methods for Constructing Real Driving Cycles

José Huertas, Luis Quirama, Michael Giraldo, Jenny Díaz

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This work compares the Micro-trips (MT), Markov chains–Monte Carlo (MCMC) and Fuel-based (FB) methods in their ability of constructing driving cycles (DC) that: (i) describe the real driving patterns of a given region and (ii) reproduce the real fuel consumption and emissions exhibited by the vehicles in that region. To that end, we selected four regions and monitored simultaneously the speed, fuel consumption and emissions of CO 2 , CO and NO x from a fleet of 15 buses of the same technology during eight months of normal operation. The driving patterns exhibited by drivers in each region were described in terms of 23 characteristic parameters (CPs) such as average speed and average positive kinetic energy. Then, for each region, we constructed their DC using the MT method and evaluated how close it describes the observed driving pattern in each region. We repeated the process using the MCMC and FB methods. Given the stochastic nature of MT and MCMC methods, the DCs obtained changed every time the methods were applied. Hence, we repeated the process of constructing the DCs up to 1000 times and reported their average relative differences and dispersion. We observed that the FB method exhibited the best performance producing DCs that describe the observed driving patterns. In all the regions considered in this study, the DCs produced by this method showed average relative differences smaller than 20% for all the CPs considered. A similar performance was observed for the case of fuel consumption and emission of pollutants.

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EstadoPublished - 19 feb 2019

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