Characterization of a cDNA clone encoding molluscan insulin-related peptide V of Lymnaea stagnalis

August B. Smit, Steven F.T. Thijsen, Wijnand P.M. Geraerts, Irene Meester, Harm Van Heerikhuizen, Joos Joosse

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A cDNA clone encoding molluscan insulin-related peptide V (MIP V) was isolated from a cDNA library of the central nervous system (CNS) of the freshwater snail, Lymnae stagnalis, using a heterologous screening with a previously identified MIP II cDNA. The MIP V cDNA encodes a preprohormone resembling the organization of preproinsulin, with a putative signal sequence, and an A and B chai, however, in this case connected by two distinct C peptides, Cα and Cβ, instead of one single C peptide. This phenomenon, which is shared by the MIP II precursor, represents a new development in the prohormone organization of peptides belonging to the insulin superfamily. The A and B chains of MIPs V, I and II, differ remarkably in primary structure; in contrast, the Cα peptide domains are almost identical. MIP V has only limited sequence similarity with insulins and related peptides. Both MIP V and I exhibit structural features, which make them a unique class of the insulin superfamily. The MIP I, II and V genes are expressed in a single type of neuron: the growth controlling neuroendocrine light green cells of the Lymnaea CNS. © 1992.
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PublicaciónMolecular Brain Research
EstadoPublished - 1 ene 1992
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