Caracterización de DivYX 2 software de análisis cinemático de videos

Héctor Antonio González Flores, Osvaldo Aquines Gutiérrez

Producción científicarevisión exhaustiva


DivYX is a physics educational software to determine specific object's x,y and time
coordinates of an object in motion. It extracts the information from a digital video
recording of the object's trajectory. It has recently been updated to run in the newest Windows OS platforms (7,8 and 10). Now named DivYX 2 it pretends to provide an analysis tool for both physics students and teachers in the 21st century. In the following article we will describe its main function and its application in the
most common kinematical situations. Finally, it is compared to other
laboratory kinematical measurements to look for consistency between them.
Idioma originalSpanish
PublicaciónLatin American Journal of Science Education
EstadoPublished - 14 oct 2016

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