Cómo construir un instrumento para evaluar la lectura crítica de investigación de informes médicos

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Introduction: Research and critical appraisal of published medical reports (CAPMR), when conducted, is pivotal to refine clinical activity. Medical publications grow exponentially, and a superior CAPMR improves the selection of articles that follow a robust methodology. Despite its relevance, university programs do not emphasize learning of the necessary techniques. Most studies designed to measure the degree of CAPMR lack validity and con-sistency, leading to difficulties in the educational decision-making process in this area. Objective: To share the construction process of a CAPMR evaluation instrument in the setting of participative edu-cation. Methods: We present the required steps to construct an instrument to appraise CAPMR. Critical reading/ap-praisal is defined as the reader´s confrontation of the text, and includes interpretation (what is implicit in the text, recognition of the methodology components), judgment (pondering of the consulted article´s components), and proposals (conceiving components that are superior to those presented by the author), all based on the reader´s experience and context. The different designs and head-ings that an instrument of this nature must include are presented. We propose how to draft the summary of an article, as well as the roots from which items are derived and that explore the three previously mentioned indica-tors, the Delphi technique as well as suggestions to determine the study´s consistency. Results: We compiled a summary of Case Control Study, as an example, and a listing of the three indicators, a table that identifies them and the sequence of the indispens-able steps to be followed in a report such as this. Conclusions: Instruments to measure CAPMR must follow a rigorous construction process and will lead to better educational decisions.

Título traducido de la contribuciónHow to construct an instrument to evaluate critical appraisal
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