Argumentación en los textos de Andrea Villarreal, (1907-1910)

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This paper analyzes anarchist discourse in “Defend your honor, oh Anahuac!”, published in El Progreso, March 16, 1907, and “Senor Ines Ruiz” from Mujer Moderna, March 1910, from Mexican writer and activist Andrea Villarreal. Both texts were produced during the writer’s exile years (1904-1911). The theoretical framework is based on an operative model of argumentation (Zárate 2012; Toulmin, Rieke and Janik 1979; Gilbert 1997), which allows the identification of discursive markers that intensify or attenuate anarchist discourse. In this sense, this type of discourse may be defined as that which shows an ideology of resistance, or utopia (Ricoeur, 1989), uses different argumentative strategies to invert power (Foucault, 2008), expresses a pessimistic stance of the present, opposed to the future (Hinkelammert, 2002), and also includes emotional terms, which in some cases integrates religious words.
Título traducido de la contribuciónArgumentation in Andrea Villarreal's texts, (1907-1910)
Idioma originalSpanish
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EstadoPublished - 2015


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