Analytical design and optimization of an automotive rubber bushing

Jonathan Rivas-Torres, Juan C. Tudon-Martinez*, Jorge De J. Lozoya-Santos, Ricardo A. Ramirez-Mendoza, Andrea Spaggiari

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The ride comfort, driving safety, and handling of the vehicle should be designed and tuned to achieve the expectations defined in the company's design. The ideal method of tuning the characteristics of the vehicle is to modify the bushings and mounts used in the chassis system. To deal with the noise, vibration and harshness on automobiles, elastomeric materials in mounts and bushings are determinant in the automotive components design, particularly those related to the suspension system. For most designs, stiffness is a key design parameter. Determination of stiffness is often necessary in order to ensure that excessive forces or deflections do not occur. Many companies use trial and error method to meet the requirements of stiffness curves. Optimization algorithms are an effective solution to this type of design problems. This paper presents a simulation-based methodology to design an automotive bushing with specific characteristic curves. Using an optimum design formulation, a mathematical model is proposed to design and then optimize structural parameters using a genetic algorithm. To validate the resulting data, a finite element analysis (FEA) is carried out with the optimized values. At the end, results between optimization, FEA, and characteristic curves are compared and discussed to establish the correlation among them.

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PublicaciónShock and Vibration
EstadoPublished - 26 mar 2019

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