Anaerobic Composting Plant, Cesena

Roberto Pasini

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location: Cesena
design: 2007
completed: 2009
client: Romagna Compost srl
land area 19,000 sqm
floor area 9,500 sqm
process engineer: Enrico Piraccini
AUS Pasini Ranieri: feasibility study, environmental impact statement, architectural and landscape design, construction documents / collaborators: Chiara Canali, Martina D’Alessandro, Alice D’Andrea, Alice Ranieri, Sara Vespignani

This innovative composting plant is plunged into the greenery of the Apennines valley of Rio Busca. Its anaerobic fermentation process is devised to recycle organic refuse into compost, a natural fertilizer for agricultural and gardening purposes, and utilize residual biogas for electricity production. The plant supplies the city of Cesena for up to 10% of its residential requirements. Looking up from downhill, the environmental impact of the complex, with a built surface of about 10,000 sqm scattered on an area of about 20,000 sqm, is buffered by three distinct screening elements enveloping several diverse technical volumes: a high hedge of Photinia drawing a green circle around external control boxes, an angular buttress clad with close larch louvers up to the top containing the cellulosic stocks storage boxes, a 10 m high semi-transparent curtain in stretched aluminum panes of varying module running all along the south and west fronts for a total length of 180 m, intended to dissolve the masses of the main processing buildings. The entrance to the office area and to the didactic precincts is located on the curved joint between the two fronts with an ironic zoomorphic corner solution with oculi symmetrically disposed on both sides of the deep vertical passage. In the next years, the rambling Wisterias planted along the south front will climb the metal frames contributing to dissimulate the built cubages amid the foliage of Robinias in the valley.
Idioma originalEnglish
Lugar de publicaciónFirenze
Edición'A Maglie Composte', in: AND, n.22 2011, ISSN1723-9990
EstadoPublished - 2009


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