A conceptual model of organizational culture and its implications in the service sector

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The increasingly global competition in all productive sectors – including the service sector – has forced companies to adjust their organizational processes to incorporate a customer experience approach. This adjustment implies the need for modifications to certain internal organizational factors, such as organizational culture, values and beliefs, in order to survive. This research proposes that – besides other factors – organizational culture type and the level of customer orientation can account for a considerable portion of a company’s success or failure. Therefore, the objective
of this conceptual paper is to propose a model that determines which type of organizational culture (clan, hierarchical, adhocracy, or market) facilitates a greater degree of customer orientation. Specifically, this research proposes that
a market type of organizational culture will have greater customer orientation than the other classifications of organizational culture and that a higher degree of customer orientation fosters employee satisfaction, which can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.
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RevistaMultidisciplinary Business Review
Estado de la publicaciónPublished - 2019

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