International conference on access to health care for foreigners with precarious residence status. European perspectives.

  • Gabarro, Céline (PI)
  • Stoesslé, Philippe (Co-PI)
  • Cailhol, Johann (Co-PI)
  • Geeraert, Jérémy (Co-PI)
  • Izambert, Caroline (Co-PI)
  • Rouland, Betty (Co-PI)
  • Vignier, Nicolas (Co-PI)


Detalles del proyecto


This project on access to health care for foreigners with precarious residency status contributes to the production and scientific dialogue in a multidisciplinary field of research in social sciences and epidemiology linking issues of health, migration, and precariousness. The meeting of French and European researchers aims to promote scientific circulation and exchange around current work carried out in different fields and from different academic traditions. By contributing to the production and dissemination of transnational and comparative knowledge, this event aims to encourage the development of innovative approaches in the field of health, migration, and precariousness. An English publication project will follow this conference.
Fecha de inicio/Fecha fin22/4/2231/12/23

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