First place of Clinical Research from CANIFARMA 2015 National Prize

  • León Cachón, Rafael Baltazar Reyes (Recipient)



In 1974, it was created as we know the CANIFARMA Award on the initiative of the pharmaceutical industry affiliated with the National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The CANIFARMA Award is a highly demanded award and considered the most relevant in its kind by the scientific community of our country. This recognition is a reflection of the quality of its participants, the jury and the content of the research papers presented. Since its inception, the CANIFARMA award has sought to recognize at the national level the talent and effort of the Mexican scientific community, as well as serve as a link between it and the pharmaceutical industry, to develop and promote research and technological developments. During its 42 years of existence, the Prize has recognized works in three phases of scientific knowledge: Basic Research, Clinical Research and Technological Development. Since 2006, the CANIFARMA Award has the support and support of CONACYT.
Grado de reconocimientoNational

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