Tests for a Symbiotic Matorral

Roberto Pasini*

*Corresponding author for this work

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This chapter reports about the Tests for a Symbiotic Matorral landscape installation, implemented in the mountains of northeastern Mexico. The installation is located in a natural site of the Parque Ecológico Chipinque impacted by the infrastructures of the expanding metropolitan area of Monterrey. What follows is a characterization of the installation as an in situ (physical and spatial) transcription of the symbiotic landscape paradigm, proposed in previous chapters, combining culturalist and metabolist components. The text describes the organization of the geophilosophical (culturalist) and the cognitive (metabolist) spatial models selected as bases for the project, respectively Deluze and Guattari’s ‘becoming’ and Farina’s ‘cognitive landscape’ paradigms. Then, the text explains how the installation plots in space the superposition and the coincidence between the two models. The landscape installation is described both in its general structure and detailed articulations, as a natural narrative where the physical topography resonates in an under-arching mythology. The conclusions illustrate the social, educational, and scientific aims of the landscape installation and its management in the frame of the campaigns of local institutions for raising ecological awareness among the young generations.

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