Post-Urban Sites in Japan and Mexico: Their Appearance and Their Colors: Post Urban Living Innovation 003, 2015-18 Report

Roberto Pasini, Higashi Shunichiro, Hiroki Suzuki

Research output: Book/ReportBook


The overcrowding of large congested conurbations challenges a consolidated metropolitan lifestyle all over the world, while the uncontained expansion of the settlements casts the inhabitants into a post-urban condition. Across five years, the PULI program proposes to analyze a series of sites and themes in Japan and Mexico to identify the most urgent challenges, contribute trace the direction for the evolution of the industry of dwelling innovation. This book presents the results of the last four years of work progress realized on six sites of Japan and Mexico by the joint team of Chiba University and the Universidad de Monterrey. The graphic documentation presented consists in maps, plans of urban areas, photo-surveys and line-drawings of street-fronts and façades, attempting to capture the intangible qualities of the relics of urban systems in the megacity of Tokyo or in the small towns of urbanized regions of Mexico.
Translated title of the contributionSitios post-urbanos en Japón y México: su apariencia y sus colores
Original languageMultiple languages
PublisherChiba University
Number of pages80
ISBN (Print)978-4-60000050-9
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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