Measurements of the branching fractions and CP asymmetries of B± →J/ψπ± and B± →ψ(2S)π± decays

R. Aaij, C. Abellan Beteta, B. Adeva, M. Adinolfi, C. Adrover, A. Affolder, Z. Ajaltouni, J. Albrecht, F. Alessio, M. Alexander, S. Ali, G. Alkhazov, P. Alvarez Cartelle, A. A. Alves, S. Amato, Y. Amhis, J. Anderson, R. B. Appleby, O. Aquines Gutierrez, F. ArchilliA. Artamonov, M. Artuso, E. Aslanides, G. Auriemma, S. Bachmann, J. J. Back, V. Balagura, W. Baldini, R. J. Barlow, C. Barschel, S. Barsuk, W. Barter, A. Bates, C. Bauer, Th Bauer, A. Bay, I. Bediaga, S. Belogurov, K. Belous, I. Belyaev, E. Ben-Haim, M. Benayoun, G. Bencivenni, S. Benson, J. Benton, R. Bernet, M. O. Bettler, M. Van Beuzekom, A. Bien, S. Bifani, T. Bird, A. Bizzeti, P. M. Bjørnstad, T. Blake, F. Blanc, C. Blanks, J. Blouw, S. Blusk, A. Bobrov, V. Bocci, A. Bondar, N. Bondar, W. Bonivento, S. Borghi, A. Borgia, T. J.V. Bowcock, C. Bozzi, T. Brambach, J. Van Den Brand, J. Bressieux, D. Brett, M. Britsch, T. Britton, N. H. Brook, H. Brown, A. Büchler-Germann, I. Burducea, A. Bursche, J. Buytaert, S. Cadeddu, O. Callot, M. Calvi, M. Calvo Gomez, A. Camboni, P. Campana, A. Carbone, G. Carboni, R. Cardinale

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A study of B ±→J/ψπ ± and B ±→ψ(2S)π ± decays is performed with data corresponding to 0.37fb -1 of proton-proton collisions at √s=7TeV. Their branching fractions are found to be B(B ±→J/ψπ ±)=(3.88±0. 11±0.15)×10 -5andB(B ±→ψ(2S) π ±)=(2.52±0.26±0.15)×10 -5,where the first uncertainty is related to the statistical size of the sample and the second quantifies systematic effects. The measured CP asymmetries in these modes are ACPJ/ψπ=0.005±0.027±0. 011andACPψ(2S)π=0.048±0.090±0.011 with no evidence of direct CP violation seen.

Original languageEnglish
Article number091105
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 7 May 2012
Externally publishedYes

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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