Imaginación Proyectada: nodos de transnacionalidad en los festivales de cine

Translated title of the contribution: Projected Imagination: nodes of transnationality in film festivals

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Using the concept of imagined worlds proposed by Appadurai in Modernity at Large (1996), as a point of departure, it is the purpose of this essay to approach the description of how film festivals create transnational nodes that allow their attendees, through projections of films from diverse nations and dialogues between filmmakers and the public, participation in spontaneous and ephemeral public spheres that generate opportunities to create or model their individ- ual and collective imaginaries about the contexts, experiences and challenges facing human beings around the planet. Thus, it is proposed in the conclusion, they contribute to the formation of shared imaginary worlds that provide individuals with options for building their biographies with a more cosmopolitan vision, defined by the co-responsibility between each and every human being.
Translated title of the contributionProjected Imagination: nodes of transnationality in film festivals
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)58-70
Number of pages13
JournalAnuario de Investigación de la Comunicación
Issue numberXXIV
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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