Eficacia a largo plazo de la paratiroidectomía en hiperparatiroidismo secundario y terciario

Translated title of the contribution: Long-term efficacy of parathyroidectomy in secondary and tertiary hyperparathyroidism

Arnulfo González-Cantú, María Elena Romero-Ibarguengoitia, Dania Lizet Quintanilla-Flores, Alfredo Reza-Albarrán, Miguel Herrera-Hernández, Juan Pablo Pantoja-Millán, Mauricio Sierra-Salazar, David Velázquez-Fernández, Francisco Javier Gómez-Pérez

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BACKGROUND: Secondary and tertiary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT and THPT), are complications of chronic kidney disease (CKD), characterized by high levels of serum parathormone, hyperphosphatemia or hypercalcemia, respectively. If diet and pharmacological therapies fail, clinical practice guidelines suggest parathyroidectomy (PTX). Some studies have described its effectiveness and safety, but these have not included Mexican population.

OBJECTIVE: To describe long-term effectiveness of PTX in Mexican patients with SHPT or THPT.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Observational and retrospective study of patients treated with PTX between 1995 and 2014 in a third level hospital in Mexico City. The analyses included the follow-up of medical treatment and biochemical assessment every three months during the first year, and the last evaluation. Permutation and chi square tests were used.

RESULTS: The study included 27 patients (14 women). The follow-up mean was 39 months; 61.5% had SHPT. All biochemical parameters, except magnesium, were reduced in the first year of follow-up. In the long term, SHPT was controlled in 80% using PTH under a 300 pg/mL criterion, and 90% in patients with THPT using calcium criterion. Persistent hypocalcemia was present in 11.5% of cases.

CONCLUSION: Mexican patients with SHPT and THPT could be successfully treated with surgery with low risk of hypocalcemia.

Translated title of the contributionLong-term efficacy of parathyroidectomy in secondary and tertiary hyperparathyroidism
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)371-378
Number of pages8
JournalRevista Medica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 30 Dec 2019
Externally publishedYes


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