Desplazamientos discursivos. La pintura de castas ayer y hoy

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To understand the thin line that separates the current critical artistic gaze from the perpetuation of a pseudo-scientific discourse of race and miscegenation, an analysis was made to compare contemporary artists whose work derive from miscegenation in caste painting. This approach taking place within the process of hybridization and cultural recycling in recent decades. To accomplish this research, we investigated the artistic motivations of New Spain painters in the 18th century.
How did art and its discourse contribute to the construction of castes and otherness? Is the current discourse of art articulated from a critical standpoint or is it just a displacement in view of a changing reality?
This research aims to identify the reminiscence of the discourse of castes in the language of later art and culture to encourage a reflection around the various ways in which we built and perpetuate past thoughts and values in the present.

Keywords: Artistic discourse, Caste painting, Miscegenation, Colonialism,
Cultural displacement, Hybridization, Cultural recycling.
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)e30412509
JournalRevista NEXUS
Publication statusPublished - 22 Dec 2022

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