Depresión y evaluación geriátrica en adultos mayores ingresados por fractura de cadera

Translated title of the contribution: Depression and geriatric assessment in older people admitted for hip fracture

Sergio Charles-Lozoya, Héctor Cobos-Aguilar, Elizabeth Barba-Gutiérrez, Jesús Miguel Brizuela-Ventura, Salvador Chávez-Valenzuela, Adrián García-Hernández, Juan Carlos Tamez-Montes

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BACKGROUND: Depression is common among older people with hip fracture.

AIM: To assess depression scores and other mental and physical health variables in older people with and without depression, admitted to a traumatology ward for a hip fracture.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Cross sectional study of older patients admitted for surgical treatment of hip fracture. Demographic, clinical and laboratory variables were recorded. Twelve surveys were applied to assess general wellbeing, mental health, fall risk, nutritional status, basic and instrumental activities of daily living, social resources and depression (using Yesavage Depression Scale).

RESULTS: We assessed 310 patients aged 78 (72-83) years, 72% women. Overall depression prevalence was 46% and its frequency was significantly higher in women, people over 81 years of age, diabetics and subjects with anxiety. The Yesavage score in patients with and without depression was 6.5 and 3, respectively. The median number of medications used by patients with and without depression was 3 and 2 (p < 0.01).

CONCLUSIONS: There is a high frequency of depression in these patients, especially in women and subjects older than 81 years of age. Routine geriatric assessments should be performed in hospitalized older patients with hip fracture.

Translated title of the contributionDepression and geriatric assessment in older people admitted for hip fracture
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)1005-1012
Number of pages8
JournalRevista Medica de Chile
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2019

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