Análisis del estigma y las atribuciones en la cobertura periodística de una balacera en un colegio privado en Monterrey, México

Translated title of the contribution: Content and attributional analysis of the journalistic coverage of a shooting in a private school. Monterrey, Mexico

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Content analysis to explore the possible presence of stigmatizing tendencies and attributions in print media in Monterrey, Mexico, in the news of a high school student who carried out a shooting in the classroom with the balance of four wounded, disclosing that he suffered from depression. The coverage of the newspapers El Norte and Milenio was analyzed between January 18 (one day after the events) and February 18, 2017, compiling 277 information units, which were categorized by independent judges according to whether they dealt with the perpetrator, victims, politics, religion, community, health, media and finances. The results coincide with other studies that report an improvement in the coverage of mental illness in recent years.
Original languageSpanish
Article number67008
Pages (from-to)1617
Number of pages1631
JournalEstudios Sobre el Mensaje Periodistico
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 12 Dec 2019


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  • Social Psychology

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