A systemic methodology for the reduction of water consumption in rural areas

María Paula Flórez Jiménez, María Catalina Ramírez Cajiao, Luisa Fernanda Payán Durán, Mauricio Peralta Mejía, Andrés Esteban Acero López

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Purpose: This study aims to present a systemic methodological proposal for the reduction of water consumption in rural areas, based on participatory tools. Design/methodology/approach: A theoretical framework was constructed based on the importance of stakeholders’ participation in the adequate use of the hydro resources, technologies to save water and modeling the adoption of possible water-saving technologies. After that, it was proposed a methodology for the reduction of water consumption in rural areas. This methodology was tested in a participatory study case, including the system dynamics model. Findings: This study proposes a participatory systemic methodology – PAWAME – participation-water waste-adoption-model-empowerment, which consists of four steps: identify stakeholders and the activities related with the waste of water in the study site and establish their values, measure the adoption that the technology would have based on the awareness generated, relate in a model the variables of the water-consuming activities and the variables of the technology and its adoption to analyze possible future behaviors and empowerment of the technology to reduce water consumption. Practical implications: In Colombia, part of the population has the wrong perception about the abundance of the hydro resource, and for this reason, people do not use water in a correct way. The inclusion of a participatory systemic methodology was fundamental to apprehend the dynamic aspects of users’ behaviors, as well as of the management of the water resource. The model addresses the complexity of the situation, allowing exploring future scenarios of environmental protection. Originality/value: This study advances the knowledge in participatory systemic methodology to design and adopt a local technology to save water.

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Publication statusPublished - 25 Jan 2019
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