A comparison of tribological properties of nanolubricants containing carbon nanotori and additional additives

Estefany Tovar Sifuentes, Oxana V. Kharissova, Demófilo Maldonado-Cortés, Laura Peña-Parás, Remigiusz Michalczewski, Boris I. Kharisov

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This work presents the effects of five inorganic nanoparticles as additives, i.e., CNp (carbon nanotori particles), TiO2, MoS2, MoO3, and HcNT (halloysite clay nanotubes), in three different lubricants (oil-based, grease, and water-based). Nanolubricants were prepared by adding 1 wt% particles into each type of lubricant. Tribological properties of nanolubricants were determined and compared under anti-wear (AW) and extreme pressure (EP) conditions. CNp showed a decrease in coefficient of friction (COF) by 22% when added to water-based lubricant. Additionally, CNp demonstrated an improvement in limiting pressure of seizure (poz) of 74%, 52%, and 1621% for oil-based lubricant, grease, and water-based lubricant, respectively. Comparing 1 wt% CNp added to water-based lubricant with oil-based lubricant and grease, the improvements become outstanding under EP conditions. An increase in poz by 2479% compared to oil-based lubricant, and 789% compared to grease, was observed. In addition, a decrease of 66–69% in average wear scar diameter (AWSD) was obtained in comparison to oil-based lubricant and grease. Tribological mechanisms of carbon nanotori provide a rolling/sliding effect under AW conditions, and a load-bearing effect under EP conditions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number124973
JournalMaterials Chemistry and Physics
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2021

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This work was supported by FCFM-UANL , UDEM , and ITeE-PIB . Estefany Tovar Sifuentes gratefully acknowledges Conacyt-Mexico for the scholarship.

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