Citizen Security: Silencing Women and Migrants.

  • Marchand, Marianne (PI)
  • Emerson, Ronald Guy (PI)
  • Stoesslé, Philippe (Co-PI)
  • Payan, Tony (Co-PI)
  • Flores Alvarez, Jeaqueline (Student)
  • Runyan, Anne Sisson (Co-PI)
  • Gomez Mera, Laura (Co-PI)
  • Bell Martin, Rebecca Victoria (Co-PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


In this project, we address how citizen security is marginalizing or excluding women and migrants as subjects deserving “security.” We explore how gender violence is not considered central to citizen security, specifically how the focus on public space (1) fails to appreciate how women experience this space differently, and (2) how domestic violence is consequently marginalized. Moreover, migrants by definition appear to be, at least discursively, excluded from citizen security for not being “citizens.” This project brings together specialists in gender, migration and security studies to explore the limits, silences and exclusions in citizen security as it has been implemented in Mexico. The expected products of this proposal are: multiple writing workshops to develop research papers for which an outlet will be established (preferably a special issue of an indexed journal); a public seminar to disseminate findings, and a research report.
Effective start/end date22/4/2228/2/23


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