Center for Innovation in the Design of Packaging ABRE

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      Parque PIIT, Av. Alianza Centro #501 Parque de Investigación e Innovación Tecnológica (PIIT) Km. 10 Autopista al Aeropuerto Internacional Mariano Escobedo Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico C.P. 66629


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    The ABRE Center (Centro ABRE) is a center that focuses on packaging design and innovation.

    ABRE’s main services are:
    - Comprehensive packaging design (primary packaging, secondary packaging, and wrapping).
    - Graphic packaging design (labels, presentation, logos, change of image).
    - Auditing and assessing packaging processes.
    - Load arrangement optimization studies.
    - ISTA laboratory tests to ensure that the packaging will protect the product (vibration, compression, free drop, rotational drop, sloping impact, and environmental tests).
    - Testing laboratory for corrugated materials, plastics, and adhesive tapes (ECT, BCT, Cobb, Mullen, puncture, friction, adhesion, elongation, and tension).
    - Non-degree diploma course in Packaging Engineering and Manufacturing.


    NameCenter for Innovation in the Design of Packaging ABRE
    Acquisition date1/1/10


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